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Insolvency law

  • Consumer insolvency of private persons
  • General insolvency, e.g. of entrepreneurs resp. former entrepreneurs

For over-indebtedness and inability to pay, but also for imminent insolvency!

The burden of debts is for most people unbearable. Being frightened of the daily post is often incapacitating.

For that matter it is possible to remedy with an orderly proceeding towards creditors and especially with the discharge of residual debt during insolvency proceedings in a reasonable time period.

For private persons the law provides a two-staged proceeding. Obligatory is the attempt of a settlement of debts out of court without judicial help. Hereby an unnecessary burden shall be avoided. Legal support often seems advisable. Unfortunately, the required extrajudicial settlement of debts often fails due to the creditor's attitude, with the result that the judicial insolvency proceeding has to be done afterwards in order to obtain the discharge of residual debt.

For (former) entrepreneurs the judicial general insolvency proceeding is statutory.

Regarding both variants I am at your disposal.

I thank you for your understanding that my office can work on these especially extensive and laborious proceedings on advance payment only. The charge depends on the extent of the individual matters, especially on the number of creditors.

For the first appointment at the office, please bring:

  1. Data (e.g. full names, addresses, dates of birth, nationality, banking arrangements, data of separation, data of move)
  2. Documents – copies are sufficient (e.g. identity card, certificate of marriage, birth certificates of children)
  3. Documents about the claim – copies are sufficient (classified according to creditors and date, especially judgements, enforcement orders, orders among others title, for unclassified a surcharge will be applied)
  4. Outline and proof of income and property – copies are sufficient (e.g. salary statements, balance sheets, certificate of title, bank statements)
  5. Outline and proof of running expenses (e.g. rent, maintenance, insurances, phone etc.)

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