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Family law

  • Separation
  • Divorce
  • Right of access (to children) / visiting right for under-aged children and visiting responsibility
  • Custody right for under-aged children (residence, property, health etc.)
  • Maintenance between married partners
  • Maintenance for under-aged children
  • Maintenance for children of age
  • Maintenance after divorce

Often assistance may be already reasonable in the run-up to separation and divorce. You should know beforehand, what you have to pay attention to. Before initiating crucial steps, inform yourself about the consequences they may cause and which further proceedings may be necessary and helpful. Often the course can be only set reasonably when early preparation preceded.

The best possible representation of your personal, legal and economic interests takes first place for me.

I am aware of the very special explosive nature of those personal matters. If necessary, I may also contact you via a postal address, which differs from the marital home. Please indicate this necessity during conversation.

According to the occasions I try to minimise the emotional burden of court proceedings for my clients. Children especially, but also for the clients themselves, a preparation for the upcoming situations, e.g. hearing in court, is often advisable.

For the first appointment at the office, please bring if possible:

Documents – copies are sufficient at the office, but the original is required on day of divorce:

  1. Identity card, certificate of marriage, birth certificates of the children
  2. Data (e.g. full names, addresses, dates of birth, nationality, banking arrangements, data of separation, data of move)
  3. 1.Outline and proof of income and property of all involved persons (e.g. salary statements of the last 12 months, balance sheets of last 3 years, business assessments, certificate of title, commercial register extract, bank statements)

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