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Inheritance law

  • Draft of a will etc.
  • Implementation of claims in terms of inheritance
  • Right to a compulsory portion
Everyone who deals with the consequences the own death has for the bereaved knows: An unambiguous administration of the estate often avoids the conflict between heirs. For the very fact, that formal requirements have to be considered, counsel is advisable.

First of all it should be determined, what effect legal succession causes. Thereafter, you can decide, whether it meets your interests. If an amendment of this legal situation is desired, a disposition mortis causa should be drafted (e.g. last will and testament). If applicable, the succession can be attached to certain conditions or it can be provided, who may use and dispose of your left property.

According to your wishes, I would like to assist you with the draft of your last will and testament.

As well if you are considered as heir / heiress of a deceased, it can be reasonable to have recourse to legal advice for the implementation of your claims in terms of inheritance.

Are you considered as person entitled to a compulsory portion? Here, too, it should be analysed which claims you are entitled to and how those ones can be realised best possible.

For the first appointment at the office, please know and bring:

  1. Data (e.g. full names, addresses, dates of birth, nationality, banking arrangements)

  2. Documents – copies are sufficient (testaments, contracts of inheritance, certificates of title, bank statements, identity card, certificates of marriage, certificates of birth)

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